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“Perpetually Learning” is a phrase that describes a Breck teacher.  Lower School teachers engage year-round in professional learning and development.  Five teachers who have culminated their four-year self-reflective study are:  Marcy Wegner (kindergarten), Paula Nelson (4th grade), Carol Grams (art), Melita Anderson (music), and Peggy Fifield (physical education).

Marcy Wegner focused her work on articulating her beliefs about teaching and learning.  As her mission statement and pedagogical statement came to fruition, Marcy explored the underpinnings of her teaching.  Marcy’s work was influenced by her desire to teach with intention and joy.

Paula Nelson's work centered on inquiry-based research.  For years, research in 4th grade meant guided selection of a person/state, guided access to learning resources, and a structured process.  Paula explored the idea of giving students more ownership of the process by using inquiry as the catalyst for research.  Formulating the research question was studied, and the question became the guide for the students’ work. 

Art teacher, Carol Grams, explored the topic of visual literacy.  Using learnings from her trips with the group Art Andes, Carol authored a children’s book titled, Dream Weaver of the Andes.  In her presentation to her peers, she talked about the images children see in the world and the meaning they make from their observations.  Her book shares the rich culture of weaving from the mountains of Peru as well as wonderful illustrations that reflect the principles of art.

Melita Anderson furthered her long-standing interest in teaching authentic multicultural music in the classroom.  A specific focus of her work centered on drumming.  In her classes, she has brought the experience of Japanese taiko drumming and African drumming to her students.  A highlight of Melita's learning was her summer trip to Ghana, where she worked with teachers and mentors to study the philosophical way music is approached in African communities. 

Yoga Calm in the classroom . . . that's been the focus for Peggy Fifield.  After participating in coursework and an intensive training experience in Guatemala, Peggy has introduced Yoga Calm in several Lower School classrooms.  Why yoga with children?  Yoga gives children tools to develop social skills, emotional resiliency, leadership, and self-control.    

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